What’s An All Natural Cake?

Pastel rainbow cake from Inthebrickyard

With health consciousness on the rise, even our sweet indulgences are under scrutiny for its ingredients and health impact.

You may have already heard of gluten-free cakes, and today, Party Fairy is going to discuss about all-natural cakes.

These are cakes that are free of preservatives, additives and even artificial colouring.

All Natural Cakes

You are what you eat. And those who are conscious about what goes into their bodies are legitimately concerned the components of their food.

Some studies had suggested a strong link between ADHD and the consumption of preservatives and artificial colours.

In addition to that, it seems that there are several food additives (in particular, aspartame, saccharin, nitrites and benzoates) that are linked to cancer.

While there is no solid evidence yet, some will choose to err on the side of caution by completely avoiding any food with additives, preservatives and artificial colouring.

How long can one keep an all natural cake without preservatives then?

As with most food, all-natural cakes are best consumed fresh on the day itself.

However, if that is not possible or if there are any leftovers, an all natural cake can be kept around 4 days in the fridge, and around 10 days if frozen.

If I get an all natural cake, does that mean it would just be a plain, white cake?

We know more colours = more fun, especially if it is an all natural cake for a kid’s party. Colours make the cake more enticing and appetising.

Thankfully, even all natural cakes can have colouring.

A baker may choose a natural food colouring brand or use substitutes for food colouring are:

  • Raspberries or beet for red/pink.
  • Carrot juice for orange.
  • Turmeric for yellow.
  • Spinach, avocado or matcha tea powder for green.
  • Blueberries or red cabbage for blue/purple.
  • Cacao or chocolate powder for brown.
  • Activated charcoal for black.

These substitutes are poured into the fondant, frosting or batter to achieve the desired colour.

With those substitutes, how can all natural cake possibly taste good?

Activated charcoal for cakes sure sounds gross.

And while we cannot claim that an all natural cake will taste the same as non-natural cakes, there are many bakeries that achieve taste excellence even with all-natural ingredients.

Keep in mind that very small amounts of these colouring substitutes are used, so you and your guests would not feel like the cake tastes like activated charcoal (or any other food used to achieve the colour, like spinach).

In fact, for bakeries like In The Brickyard selling cakes free of artificial flavours and colouring, they promise that the cakes will still have your guests grabbing seconds.

Interested in all natural cakes? Discover more at Party Fairy, especially those from Inthebrickyard, 25grams Bakery and Oh My Goodness!

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