How to spend V-day with your pals

Forget stupid stereotypes of single women sitting around watching Bridget Jones Diary sobbing over pints of ice cream on V-day. There’s much to celebrate on V-day. In this case, it’s your ever-reliable squad who’s seen you through thick and thin (and the men who have come and gone). So we say, this V-day, get your pals together and use it as the perfect excuse to throw a random party.

Graze away

Get in on the latest trend of grazing tables. What is it? It is basically a beautifully styled smorgasbord of small bites (usually stuff like cheeses, bread, nuts and antipasti). The vibe is chill and rustic and you’ll usually see food laid out on wooden boards so people can stand around, help themselves to whatever they want and mingle.


You can build your own cheese and charcuterie grazing table, but Lush Platters can make your life so much easier. Founded by Wynona Leach, a professional cake artist and stylist, she sources for premium cheese, cured meats and pantry items from farms in Europe and Australia, and styles them in the most ‘gram-worthy, elegant ways.

Lush Platters Platter Box

Source: Lush Platters


For smaller parties, go with the platter boxes (from $79 for two to three pax) – it comes with three to four artisanal cheeses, two to three cured meats and a whole bunch of other stuff like organic dark chocolate, Sicilian olives and herbs and flowers for decoration.


Lush Platters Signature Wooden Board

Source: Lush Platters

If you’re having more than 10 people over, go with the Signature Paddle Board, $399 that feeds up to 15 pax. Everything’s pre-assembled and delivered to your door ready to impress your pals.

For more information on Lush Platters, click here.


Organise a movie marathon

Forget rom-coms – cos really, of all days, V-day is the day to remind yourself that there is more to Happily Ever After than finding a man. Watch these instead.


Thelma and Louise

Possibly one of the best movies made about women, this 1991 hit starred Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon (who at that time were 35-45 years old – way past their prime by Hollywood’s standards) on a road trip. The two become outlaws when Sarandon shoots a man who was trying to rape Davis’ character.


The movie was criticised for being “male-bashing” at the time of its release, but really, it’s a story of female friendship that eschews Hollywood’s stereotypical portrayals of women (Eg: *gasp* women aren’t always role-models. They can be bad-asses too.).


The Craft

If you’re a kid of the ‘90s, you would remember The Craft. And if you didn’t get Clueless, you definitely identified with The Craft. If you watch it now, it might not seem like a feminist film, but during a time where male outsiders were being celebrated (think The Goonies and Stand By Me), and female characters were relegated to the usual roles of caretaker or beauty/popularity-obsessed individuals, The Craft told a story about female teenage weirdos who chose witchcraft over popularity.


Spice World

Let us share this sobering fact: Spice World was released 20 years ago. And in those 20 years ago, we’ve forgotten just how huge The Spice Girls were at one point. When it comes to Spice World, the acting’s terrible, the plot’s non-existent … there’s no denying the movie was terrible. But it also broke the record for the highest-ever weekend debut for Super Bowl weekend in America, and grossed over $77 million worldwide. And it’s also delightfully frivolous, and you’ll pick up the sexual innuendo you might have missed as a teenager. Or at least have a fun sing-along session.


Organise a wine tasting session (also known as get shit-faced together)

Set a theme. If you think everyone will be genuinely interested in learning more about wine, then maybe ask everyone to bring a bottle of wine of a particular grape varietal, or from a specific region. Whip out your phones and do a quick Google search, and present some key facts, and have a hilarious time trying to pick out notes of dried currants or expanding your wine vocabulary beyond “siap” and “nice”.

Alternatively, go with a really random theme like “Cute Wine Label”, “Cheapest Find” or “Craft Booze Only“. The whole point is to sit around and drink, really.


Need food for your party? Check out these options. Psst, they deliver straight to your doorstep.


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