Unique Mother’s Day 2018 cakes – free delivery included!

As Mother’s Day fast approaches (it’s on May 13, 2018 btw :)), we decided to put together a list of unique cakes that are perfect centrepieces to the celebrations. Sure, they might not be your typical Mother’s Day cakes, but hey, why stick with the ordinary? These cakes aren’t only unique, we’ve offering free delivery till May 10! #lovingmumisapieceofcake


Sushi Cake from Standing Sushi Bar


If there’s one thing we love about Standing Sushi Bar, it’s how obsessed they are with providing the best quality sashimi-grade fish at affordable prices. To ensure they have full control over the quality of fish that’s served, whole salmons are delivered daily to the restaurants where they’re scaled, broken down, deboned and sliced by experienced chefs. This might be a more time-consuming decision but it ensures the chefs can assess the freshness of the fish through key indicators like the colour of the fish’s eyes.

With this sushi cake, you get to enjoy fresh sashimi-grade fish in Standing Sushi Bar’s signature style. That is, decidedly inventive. The “cake” is made of sushi rice that is mixed with tobiko, shredded kani stick and furikake, then wrapped with salmon sushi.  Sitting around and on top of the cake is four of their specialty maki rolls including Under The Sea (aburi scallop with mentaiko on crab stick, avocado and cucumber).




Mother's Day cake from Flaircakes

Flaircakes’ designs aren’t OTT but there’s finesse in the simplicity. Only premium ingredients are used in their cakes because they’re firm believers that as much as a cake needs to look good, it first needs to taste great. This Mother’s Day offering comes with a painstakingly made peony flower where every petal is individually moulded and dusted. And within the white chocolate casing, is your choice of flavour. Red velvet or chocolate hazelnut are classic combinations but if Mum’s more adventurous, we say go with earl grey and lavender, or taro black sesame.



Nasi Lemak Cake for Mother's Day

Nasi lemak burger and nasi lemak curry puff, step aside. Nasi Lemak Indulgence has taken the classic dish, and supersized it into a cake that was made for the ‘gram. Creating this was not an easy task.

The rice that makes the “cake” has to be stickier than the normal nasi lemak rice so that it doesn’t fall apart when the cake is cut. This in itself took a lot of experimentation to get the perfect consistency. Then there was a lot of trial and error involved in getting the sambal right. Cos anyone who loves nasi lemak knows that if there’s anything that makes or breaks this dish, is how shiok the sambal is. Nasi Lemak Indulgence’s recipe involves making everything from scratch, and slow cooking that takes at least four hours to allow the flavours to develop.

The result is a real treat – aromatic rice that sandwiches an egg omelette, a piquant frosting of sambal, and an umami topping of ikan bilis and peanuts.


Buy these Mother’s Day cakes here now – free delivery till May 10! 



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