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Unique children birthday party ideas

When we were kids, a trip to McDonalds on your birthday was THE highlight of the year. These days, the standards of what makes a great kid’s birthday party are significantly higher. We’ve gone for crazy lavish ones where the set up looked like it came out of a Baz Luhrmann movie set; fun ones where the kids got to ride ponies (while we watched on enviously); and simple and heartfelt ones where the parents and grandparents came together to cook a feast. Our point is, when it comes to planning your kid’s birthday party, there really are no hard and fast rules. Whether it’s a huge scale production or an intimate get-together, it’s really about making sure you don’t lose focus of the point of having a birthday party in the first place:  to create a memorable day for the birthday kid! Here, we have unique children birthday party ideas whether you’re looking to cater for a huge group or a small crew.


1. Book a day at AirZone – the world’s first indoor suspended net playground

Think of it as a massive, multi-layered hammock that hangs more than 30m off the ground. It includes giant slides that take you from one floor to another, a ball pit with over 50,000 balls for you to jump straight into, and a crawl maze.

The net appears thin, but don’t worry. The engineering of the entire playground took two years, and the nylon nets are strong enough to endure more than 7,000kg of loading. That’s two fully laden buses. First-aid trained staff are also stationed at every floor.

You can book the entire playground for your kid’s birthday. The nets are especially designed for kids to encourage exploration and creative play (as adults, we loved it too!), so they’re bound to have heaps of fun. Just take note that kids under seven must be accompanied by adults. And while you aren’t allowed to eat or drink at Air Zone, you’re at City Square Mall so there are plenty of options to arrange for meals (and we all know the kids will be famished after running around the playground).

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2. Hire a mermaid for your party

We’re kinda jealous of Syrena because she has the coolest job title ever — Singapore’s first mermaid. But it’s fair, cos unlike us, she can transform into a graceful, beautiful mermaid (we’re more like manatees).

You can arrange for her to appear to swim up to surprise the birthday girl. After the surprise appearance, you can arrange for Syrena to swim with the birthday girl (get ready your underwater camera for some ‘gram-worthy shots); have her tell the kids stories or even have a glitter mermaid tattoo session!

But perhaps, our favourite add-on service is getting all the kids dressed up as mermaids too. You can rent mermaid tails and fins from Syrena. How cool is that!

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3. Have a children’s art party at Lyttle Space

Lyttle Space Art Studio For Children's Party

If you want to plan a small, intimate birthday party for your kid’s BFFs, consider arranging an art class at Lyttle Space. The classes are run by Ly Yeow, a local illustrator and artist who’s known for her beautiful murals (you can see her works at Merely Ice Cream, Jewel Cafe and Ritz Carlton Hotel).

Ly Yeow Mural


While some children’s art classes are more regimented step-by-step guides, Ly prefers to adopt a more fluid way of teaching art. Essentially, she sees art as a way for children to express themselves and in that, there can be no right or wrong ways to approaching it. While each class has a broad agenda (fun stuff like making a mermaid diorama, ice cream plush toy or a self-portrait made out of flowers and leaves), the point isn’t to create a perfect piece of art. Rather it is to develop the child’s confidence to create freely, and teach them the techniques to help them express themselves better.

Lyttle Space Children's Art Party Singapore

That’s why her classes are kept small (maximum of five kids at a time) and are strictly drop-off  (that means you can go and indulge in some quiet time – win, win!). It’s to create a stress-free environment where she is able to dedicate the time and attention needed to ensure every child gets a fulfilling experience. Suitable for kids 4-12 years old.


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