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How to throw a tropical-themed party | Goodie bags, cakes and décor

Pineapples, toucans, flamingoes, the prettiest colours … a tropical themed party is not just good vibes galore, it works for both kids and adults. And it’s probably the only time where tacky, kitschy and over-the-top are always in fashion. Not that that’s the only way to throw a tropical themed party. Here, we show you the many ways to interpret the tropical theme, and where to get all the essential stuff like cakes and goodie bags.

Chapter 2: party inspo and clever tricks

Image source: @amaislindafesta

Cool trick to steal: A tropical-themed party doesn’t need to be loud and bright all the time. This one uses white as the main canvas to allow the soft hues of pink, blue and pink to be soft accents to the party.


Image source: @horadeapagarvelinha


Cool trick to steal: Displaying the goodie bags on a short ladder.


One Fine Print Pineapple Pals Party Favour Box (pack of 10)


Image source: @inspiranaideia

Cool trick to steal: Fresh florals, ferns and wooden furniture create a more natural, rustic touch. That toucan wallpaper is also to die for.


One Fine Print Flamingo Fun Photobooth Backdrop 236cm (W) x 261cm (H)

Image source: @catalugodefestas


Cool trick: There can be a tendency to go a bit cray when planning a tropical-themed party, this party shows that keeping things in  the same colour family can work just as well. When displaying your desserts, side tables of different heights also keep things visually interesting.


Image source: @daniellebarbararodrigues


Cool trick: Print bright tropical-themed pictures and frame them up to use as a simple backdrop for your dessert table. Repurposing wooden crates are also a nice way to give the eye a rest from all those bright colours.





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