Top 10 Cakes Under $40


So your party is in a few days but you still don’t have a cake. Don’t fret – we got you covered. At Party Fairy, you’re spoiled for choice with a wide variety of cakes, all delivered straight to your doorstep.

To further sweeten the deal, these desserts are all available for under 40 bucks.

1. D24 Indulgence, $36.80

Made with two thick layers of fresh, creamy D24 durian flesh between three layers of vanilla chiffon, this is every durian lover’s dream come true. This full-flavoured durian cake is so scrumptious, you won’t be able to stop at one slice. But hey, as Oscar Wilde said, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

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2. Avocado Gula Melaka MilkSh-cake, $39

For more local flavours, this hearty confection will look (and taste) familiar. Inspired by the refreshing avocado milkshake variants proliferating fruit juice stands around Singapore, this avocado gula melaka cake is a medley of flavours – from the wonderfully aromatic gula melaka (palm sugar) to the subtle fragrance of mashed avocado and cream.

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3. Pulut Hitam Cake, $29

Another local inspiration, the pulut hitam cake is a twist on the popular local dessert of black rice pudding with coconut milk. This cake sees pulut hitam mousse sandwiched between a pillow-soft sponge cake with pulut hitam bits, and sprinkled with more – you guessed it – pulut hitam.

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4. Yam Orh-Ni Chiffon Cake, $29

We can’t get enough of these yummy-licious local-flavoured cakes like yam orh-ni cake! Using the Teochew dessert of steamed yam paste as inspiration, this heavenly creation comes with generous servings of homemade orh-ni and cream layered between a light and fluffy chiffon cake.

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5. Baileys Chocolate Crunch Cake, $34

Chocolate AND Baileys Irish Cream? Yes, please! The ingredient list reads like a dream team lineup, with generous amounts of the Irish whiskey- and cream-based liqueur as well as premium chocolate noir crunch packed between layers of coffee sponge. This Bailey’s choc crunch cake is delicious to the last bite.

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6. Chicago Cheesecake, $39

For a fail-safe option, you can’t go wrong with this classic Chicago cheesecake. Soft, chewy and fragrant, this addictive creation comes with a touch of lemon for that added zing.

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7. Tiramisu, $39


Yet another classic, this delicate tiramisu is a melt-in-your-mouth soft sponge cake laced with coffee and layered with mascarpone cheese before being dusted with cocoa powder.

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8. Oreomisu, $33.70

For a twist on the classic Tiramisu, this mouthwatering Oreomisu comes with two layers of chocolate chiffon, a layer of chocolate ganache, cream cheese … and lots and lots of crushed Oreo cookies.


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9. Boston Nut Brownie Cake, $35

Go nuts with this chocoholic’s dream. Constructed with dense, chewy chocolate cake and dotted with crunchy walnuts, this droolsome Boston nut brownie cake delight is topped with an indulgent slab of fudge.

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10. Eggless Black Forest, $31.90

For the health-conscious, this eggless black forest cake is said to come with 80 percent less cholesterol compared to regular chiffon cakes. That doesn’t mean it’s lacking in flavour, though. This fluffy confection comes with three layers of eggless chocolate chiffon and two layers of chocolate mousse with sweetened cherries. Yum!

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Want to discover more cakes? Hop over to Party Fairy!


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