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How to throw the best Stranger Things Party

You’re totally #obsessed with Stranger Things, We get it, really. And with the release of season 3 yet to be confirmed (rumours are early 2019!!!), we say cope in the meantime by throwing a Stranger Things party.

Strangify your invite has only one purpose – to let you place any text in the style of the show’s logo. Download the image and use it to make party invitations. Yassss.

Don’t leggo of Eggos

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Most of us might not have grown up on Eggos Waffles but if Eleven’s obsessed with it, it has to make an appearance in some way.

Source: Food Fanatic

For a more grownup interpretation that Eleven would approve of if she were 18, try this Maple 43 cocktail garnished with a toasted waffle. The recipe can be found here. 

For underaged guests, these booze-free crispy stroopwafels stuffed with caramel from Yummy Poffertjes will do.

“Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

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Everyone might love Barb but seriously, what is a Stranger Things party without showing appreciation for Dustin? And to celebrate the return of our favourite chocolate pudding-obsessed friend, we say keep the curiosity door wide open (and things fun for your friends) with a Stranger Things trivia quiz

Demand the man in the hardware store give you fairy lights for free

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Well, not really. But there’s no mistake it’s a Stranger Things party with store-bought fairy lights and large alphabets stuck to the wall. If you want to go al out, find a fabric that looks like the tacky wallpaper in Joyce’s living room and write the alphabets yourself (cos the devil’s in the details!). But if you’re lazy to get all crafty, some bunting (you can get personalised ones from Sparks Moments will do.

Get the music right

There are two ways to go – eerie synth or unadulterated alternative 80s. If you’re going eerie synth, you can’t go wrong with Tangerine Dream (pioneering German electronic act, which definitely had an influence on the show’s soundtrack) or M83 if you want a more updated sound. The alternative 80s soundtrack is easy – The Clash (“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” is compulsory), The Smiths … you get the drift.

Or just go with DJ Yoda’s Stranger Things mix. It’s 80s galore complete with vocal samples from the TV show.


Shannon Purser Barb GIF by Stranger Things - Find & Share on GIPHY

How can we ever forget the scene when beloved Barb’s lifeless body was found covered in goo in the Upside Down? (We chose this gif cos we prefer to remember her in better days.) It was powerful enough a scene for Netflix to come up with a slime Barb-inspired French onion soup recipe.

If making French Onion soup is too much work, mourn the loss of Barb in Season 2 with barrels of slime from Right To Learn.


“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation”

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Oh, Chief Hopper. Everyone’s favourite anti-hero. But seriously, the man made sense when he uttered those words in Season 1. So we say, gift your guests something only a true fan would get – coffee. 1 Degree Black Cold Brew Coffee is like Hopper – strong, bold and deep.

So there you go! Go have fun and geek out at your very own Stranger Things party. Cos if there’s anything the show taught us is that, being a geek is cool. And we would never lie to you, cos Friends. Don’t. Lie.


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