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The new party etiquette rules

There was a time when the rules were easy and clear. You get an invitation, you RSVP, turn up with a gift, bring your charming self, and say your thanks at the end of the night.

To a large extent, the rules still apply. But with social media, there are many ways you can unknowingly turn out to be a rude guest. Here are the 7 new rules of party etiquette to follow.

1. Don’t ask for information when you can Google it

When the answer to basic information like “How do I get to your house?” is readily available, it’s just lazy when you’d rather ask someone than search it yourself.

2. Take your RSVP for Facebook invites seriously

Chope-ing a spot at a party when you’re likely to be a no-show only prevents the host from inviting someone else. There’s a “maybe” option on the Facebook events page for a reason.

3. Don’t text “Hey, I’m running late” when you’re already late

It seems these days a text message is the same as getting 15 minutes of grace time.

Although these messages are more socially acceptable these days (the people who text “omw” when they’ve barely left the house are worse), it’s still disrespectful of someone’s time, especially if someone is putting in the effort to throw a party.

4. An Instagram post is the new “thank you” note

There was a time where a “thank you” note to the host was a mark of a gracious guest. These days, a ‘gram works the same way. If the host put in effort into the food, a nice picture of the food and a caption complimenting the host (making sure to tag the host in your caption) is a much-appreciated gesture.

5. Don’t tag up a storm

Tagging people in pictures on social media is to mark a memory that individual people share commonly. This means, if the person is not present in that photo, don’t tag him because you want him to see the photo – leave a comment with the person’s name in a tag. Nobody likes their timeline being marred by images that have nothing to do with them.

Oh, and don’t tag yourself in pictures you aren’t in. It’s not rude but it does hint of desperation. #justsaying

6. Honour the hashtag

These days, all events have their own hashtag – it’s a nice way for the organisers to have a look at nice photos captured of their event.

Don’t be a hashtag hater – your personal brand isn’t so precious that it can’t withstand a hashtag.

If the host has gone out of her way to throw an awesome bash, honour the event’s hashtag if you’re posting any photos of the party.

7. Don’t forage for followers

These days when you can get a date with a swipe, following someone on Facebook or Instagram is akin to true friendship. OK, we’re exaggerating here but following each other on social media is similar to the good ol’ days of exchanging numbers. Which means, if there was no mojo between you and this random person, or worse, you barely had a conversation with the person, following them on social media just puts the other person in the awkward position of having to follow you as well.




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    Ann F. Snook-Moreau
    April 6, 2018 at 4:32 am

    Actually responding to Facebook invites is so important so the host isn’t wondering on head count!

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