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Party idea: How to keep drinks cold, the fancy way

It might seem ridiculous to care about this but when it comes to throwing a memorable party, the details matter. This is especially the case when you don’t want to go all out with décor or an elaborate table setting. Plus, these ideas are dead-easy to do, and take little time. In other words, they’re the smart way to entertain. And hey, there’s no shame in being an overachiever.

Glitter ice-cubes



Who ever complained about a bit of bling? These non-edible glitter ice cubes are a great way of transforming something functional like an ice bucket for wine and beers into a talking point (and Instagram bait). To find out how to make them, click here. (

Pretty in bloom


These elegant ice-cubes can be used as in an ice bucket that’s pretty enough to be the centerpiece of the table. Or freeze them in bigger blocks and use them as cocktail garnishes. Here’s a tip: To get clear ice, boil the water twice before pouring into the ice mold.

Fruit juice ice cubes

These are incredibly versatile. For the adults, try orange juice ice cubes and some bubbly for a new way of presenting mimosas or diluted lemon juice ice cubes with a fine pour of bourbon. For kids, bright colours of fruit juice ice cubes in water or homemade tea is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks.

Frozen melon balls

Go crazy with your melon baller and freeze overnight. This easy recipe from Divas Can Cook combines sparkling white grape juice, Sprite, lemonade, fresh mint and all the pretty colours of watermelon, honeydew and rock melon.

Tea and coffee cubes

Matcha, chai, cold brew coffee … just add milk and you’re good to go.


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