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9 Party Decorations, 3 Steps, 1 Pinterest-worthy Party

Black white party from Pinterest

How do people make their parties so Pinterest-worthy?

Does spending big bucks = better party?

How much time and effort is required for decoration?

Throwing a memorable party, putting together an Instagram-worthy dessert table or just making a pleasant party atmosphere for your guests can be daunting.

But Party Fairy is letting you in on these deco secrets so that you can decorate your party like a pro party planner.

9 Basic Party Decorations


It might seem like a lot of party supplies to source for, especially if you are already busy with a million other things for the party.

But you’d have seen these so often at parties that you’d have to agree these are the basics:

  • Banners.
  • Pennant banners.
  • Foil balloons.
  • Plain latex balloons.
  • Character balloons.
  • Pom poms.
  • Tassels.
  • Washi tape.
  • Props.

Of course, if you are just throwing a small party, you need not get them all. Even a few of these basic decorations will level up your party. Here’s how.

Tip: Party Fairy rounds up party supplies in one place so you don’t have to surf the WWW. Explore our thematic bundles consisting of cakes and decoration, and add the ones you like to your cart.

Step 1: Gather the necessary decorations

Among all the 9 basic decorations, there are three necessities: tassels, pom poms and plain latex balloons.

These decorations are easy to put around, and they instantly add personality to what would have just been a boring table or wall.

But do you need a lot of each?

Well, you can certainly go for more but even just a few of each will do!

Imagine: one tassel to decorate the table, 3-4 pom poms scattered across the table or the floor, and 2 balloon bouquets to grace both sides of the table.

These three things already help you to win half of the battle.

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Step 2: Throw in the thematic accents

Now’s the time to add some thematic accents to play up your theme. Washi tape, standees and foil balloons are fantastic deco pieces.

We love washi tapes for many reasons. They come in a myriad of designs and patterns, so it beats using blue tack anytime. Moreover, you can do lots of DIY with the tape. For example, you can make cupcake toppers with washi tape and toothpicks. It’s incredibly easy.

To further build up the theme, use standees on the floor. You can put it at the door where your guests enter or place it in front of the table. Later on, you and your guests can even use the standees as a photo-taking prop.

And do we really need to elaborate on the character balloons? Unless you are throwing a colour-only party, you’ll need to add character balloons to your list of decoration. Imagine a safari themed party without animal balloons, or a Sesame Street themed party without the well-loved Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie and the rest of the cast.

Now, your party is coming together with your theme!

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Step 3: Personalise it!

Finally, no party is complete without a personalized touch.

After all, parties are a dime a dozen. What differentiates your Disney Princess party from your neighbour’s?

It’s the personalisation!

Get your message clearly expressed through personalised banners, personalised pennants and foil lettering balloons.

But just exactly where can you get banners and pennants printed with your specific, desired message?

Well, you can look for a printer who can print on demand. But of course, before you head over to the commercial print shops, you’ll have to do up your design.

And that takes up your limited time.

Try out Party Fairy’s personalised banner and pennants. We’ve many designs, and all you have to do is to type in your message. We will send you a mock up for your approval within 24 hours so everything is exactly as you want it.

Alternatively, simply get foil lettering balloons, string it up and hang it on the wall.

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With these 9 basic party deco and three simple steps, your party setup will look Pinterest worthy.

But if you still need more help, drop us a line right here.


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