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It’s one of those things. On any other day, you aren’t on the lookout for safari/nautical/tropical/cowboy/insert any party theme stuff. But come your kid’s birthday, you’re on a frantic Google search for the most specific party supplies.

“Monkey banner, kids party, customised”

“Aeroplane goodie bags, Singapore delivery”

“Pirate photo booth backdrop, quick delivery, Singapore”

“Brontosaurus, blue, party supplies.”

That’s why we were so pleasantly surprised to find out about One Fine Print when we attended a birthday party recently. It was a superhero-themed party and we immediately noticed the photo booth backdrop and the elaborate setup of props around it. It was so much fun seeing how the kids loved posing in front of it!


On top of that, the theme flowed seamlessly from the goodie bag designs to the banners, signages and even snack holders and cupcake toppers.


We asked the couple how much time they spent looking for everything for the party, and that’s when they started raving about One Fine Print.


This paper printable party supplier is founded by a Singaporean couple of two children who completely understand the frustrations of parents trying to organise their child’s birthday party. Set out to save parents’ time (and their sanity) when it comes to planning themed parties, its full range covers over 50 themes and a dizzying range of paper products. From must-haves like banners and goodie bags, to the smallest details like labels for bottles of water and cupcake stands, One Fine Print is on a mission to be a one-stop shop for paper printable supplies for themed parties.


1. The goodie bags are life-savers

Any parent who has tried looking for goodie bags online will know just how frustrating this process can be. Find one that’s of a good quality, and you realise you have to stick with generic designs like chevrons or polka dots. Go with kraft paper bags and you find yourself having to jazz it up (and not all of us are Martha Stewarts, or have the time to launch epic DIY projects). And if you’re looking for something that’s themed (cos we all know how kids can get seriously obsessed over very, very specific things), you’re usually looking for them to be shipped from overseas.


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One Fine Print makes a sincere attempt at meeting all three needs. We like the shape of the goodie bags – rather than flimsy paper bags, these look like real bags that make for a great display area (cos hey, presentation matters, right?). The paper is high-grade so the designs look polished and sharp (the matte finish is a nice touch too). And once again, it covers all the common party themes so unless your kid is into something obscure like Italian paintings from the 18th century, you’re likely to find designs to suit the theme.


And best of all, it takes no more than 5 working days for it to be delivered to your doorstep. Easy-peasy.


2.  A few key items are all it takes to make a huge impact



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There are some people who are naturally talented at throwing a party. We’ve been for some that are living #partyinspo Pinterest boards. We’ve been for some that left us wishing we were the birthday boy. But we also realise that there are lot of people who struggle to flesh out a theme with finesse. That’s why we love the idea of One Fine Print’s 3D centrepieces and standees. They’re designed to be big enough to create an impact, and they’re all sorted according to the theme so you don’t need to wreck your brain trying to figure out what goes with what.


3. Most items are customisable

We love that One Fine Print offers personalisation. When you make an order, you just need to include the message of your choice. The in-house designers will send you a mockup design in two working days. From the time you approve the designs, it takes another five working days for the items to be delivered to your doorstep. Best of all, the service is professional (we especially appreciate the product recommendations they make).


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We’re stoked that One Fine Print has decided to sell part of their range on our blog!

At the current moment, you can buy their goodie bags, photo booth backdrops and banners here. And to celebrate this collaboration, One Fine Print is also giving away free themed e-invites with every purchase.

If you’re planning a themed party, and you can’t find what you’re after here, drop them an email at [email protected] with the theme of your party and the paper printables you’re looking for, and they’ll send you some recommendations!


When it come to planning any party, getting organised is key. To help you with that, we have a free calendar for you – jot down important dates and plan your to-do list with it!


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