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How to throw a tropical themed party | colour palettes, goodie bags and cakes

Pineapples, toucans, flamingoes, the prettiest colours … a tropical themed party is not just good vibes galore, it works for both kids and adults. And it’s probably the only time where tacky, kitschy and over-the-top are always in fashion. Not that that’s the only way to throw a tropical themed party. Here, we show you the many ways to interpret the tropical theme, and where to get all the essential stuff like cakes and goodie bags.

Chapter 1: Get the colour palette right

Whether you’re planning a party for children or adults, a cohesive and well-executed colour palette instantly gives the party a polished and professional look. If you do a general Google search on how to go about doing that, you can get overwhelmed by the number of rules there are. Don’t feel the need to follow all of them. A lot of party planning is all about intuition and having the courage to test your ideas. So what if this time it doesn’t work? You now have another reason to throw another party!


So instead of forcing rigid rules on you (cos where’s the fun in that?), we’re going to give you ideas on what to try.


1. Try more than two colours

Forget that strict two colour palette rule. The way to make many colours to work together is to have at least one neutral colour in the mix. The neutral colour allows your stronger colours to pop, and prevents the overall look from looking like an assault on the eyes. If you’re worried that the colours won’t go, go with shades in the same colour family, and one contrasting colour.




2. Take inspiration from your favourite pics

You might think you’re rubbish at putting together colours but your eyes are wired to know what colours look good together. Here’s the scientific reason. So go through your favourite beachside travel pictures, and pick out the colours that are at play. That’s what we did here to put together the suggested colour palettes for a tropical themed party and you can tell you get a variety of looks and vibes to experiment with.



3. Make white your new favourite colour

When it comes to a tropical themed party, people can worry it looks too kiddy. That usually happens when there are way too many bright colours fighting with each other. Consider making white the dominant colour and all the other colours bright accents. Using white as the dominant colour also makes it easier for you to work with most venue spaces cos you can use the walls as an empty canvas for you to work on. An on-point photobooth backdrop or banner immediately stands out, or brightly coloured goodie bags stacked on a white ladder are an elegant way to display the goodie bags.


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4. When in doubt, turn to flamingoes

Washes of corals, pinks and soft off white … it’s a colour scheme that works all the time.


Chapter 2: Tips to nailing the party decor of a tropical themed party



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