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Planning the perfect hen’s night for your bestie can almost be a nightmare in itself. You might have the drinks, the dress, and the location sorted, but what is a bachelorette party without a few saucy games? The only problem is that a lot of games and activities intended for a woman’s last night out as a single lady are pretty lame. Well never fear, we’re here to give you a few hen’s night game ideas:

He Said, She Said

This is an easy one for getting the night started. All you need to do is create a quiz of bizarre random quotes that either the bride-to-be or her fiancee have said in the past and it’s up to the other guests to decide who was responsible for the statement. The best way to play it would be to give each guest a list of the same quotes and decide individually who said each excerpt. Comparing your answers at the end of the game will definitely provoke some interesting stories.

Ex Charades

Everyone has played Charades at some stage in their life, but playing it on a hen’s night means you have to spice things up a little. Split into two teams, taking turns to impersonate or act out one of the bride-to-be’s former boyfriends, crushes, or hook-ups, the opposing team having to guess. Just make sure the woman on the receiving end has a sense of humour first or you might find yourself out of the bridal party.

Groom Trivia

You’ll need to meet up with your bestie’s fiancee before you can play Groom Trivia and ask him a bunch of questions. When it comes time for the hen’s night, quiz the luck lady on the information you have gathered about her man. Each time she gets an answer wrong or guesses incorrectly, the bride-to-be is doing a shot.

Porno or Polish?

You might have noticed whenever you get a manicure or a pedi that a lot of shades of nail polish have dirty-sounding names. With a little research, you will be able to find quite few so write them down on a card, as well as a bunch of adult film titles, and put them in a bowl. Each person takes a card and has to guess if it is a shade of nail polish or the title of a pornographic movie, with each correct guess winning a bottle of nail polish. Here are a few shades and titles to give you the idea and get you started:

Fundie Run

Image source: Amazon

Ok so this game is definitely better for a private area (getting arrested on your friend’s hen’s night is probably not the way you want the night to turn out). Nobody really knows why fundies exist or why there are multiple brands of them, but they are underwear for two people with four leg holes and are available from amazon.com for a little over $7.00 a pair. To play the game, two of the girls get in one pair over their clothes and try to run, racing down a hallway or through a park to see which duo can do it the fastest. You will definitely get some brilliant photos and videos with this one.


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