Are fresh flowers on cakes safe?

Fresh blooms on cakes are a cake trend that looks like it’s here to stay. Largely influenced by the growing number of people who prefer casual-chic weddings to elaborate, OTT weddings, fresh flowers create a more natural, bohemian vibe compared to ornate sugar flowers.

Buttercream cake with fresh flowers from Paisley and Cream

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There are two reasons why flowers might not be safe as cake garnishes. One, they’re naturally toxic, or they contain a high level of pesticides. In the latter case, experienced bakers make it a point to check with the florists they work with on how the flowers were grown before using them.

Bouquet of Red Roses Cake from Naomi

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When deciding on which flowers to use on your cake, it’s safe to just go with ones that are edible such as roses, gardenia, pansies, violets and dandelions. However if you’re planning an outdoor party or if the cake is going to be sitting out for long before it’s served, be sure to tell your baker – delicate flowers tend to wilt faster. Your baker will be able to advise you on which flowers have better staying power.

Premium Flower Branch Cake from Naomi

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