Four genius (and addictively boh liao) ways to spend Christmas

In between all that feasting and partying, you can kill time in these genius and addictively boh liao ways.


GIF My Year

Ahhh… the end of the year. A time of reflection and contemplation. Well, do it in the most fun way possible with GIF My Year. Enter your name and answer four simple questions in emojis.

From there, you get a mash-up of GIFs that sum up your year. Cos really, why bother to express your emotions verbally when GIFs can do it?




Holiday Answer

Christmas is a time for family. And that’s not always a good thing, especially when you have pesky aunts and uncles asking you the most banal questions about your single/reproductive/career/weight statuses. Well, Holiday Answer can help with all these awkward holiday situations. Just type in any question, and you’ll get a smart response. It beats smiling politely as your aunt asks you if you should really be having that next piece of cake. (And yes, you should). The average time spend on this site is 8 minutes so you can tell you’re not alone. Everyone needs help fending off pesky relatives.


Emoji Holidays

Who needs words anymore when you have emojis? (OK. We don’t really think that. We are a content site after all :)) But if you want to up your emoji game, head to Emoji Holidays where you can learn how to express anything you could possibly want to this holiday season in emojis.



A Letter To Dear Satan

This Christmas tale (wonderfully narrated by Patrick Stewart) tells the story of a girl called Hope who accidentally sends a letter to Satan instead of Santa. After Satan reads the sweet letter, he finds himself “plagued with kindly urges, and disgusting feelings like pity and empathy.” The letter continues to stir strange feelings in Satan (despite him trying to avoid them by drinking bottles of gin and blood). But he can no longer resist the impact Hope’s letter has on him. Soon, he finds himself enjoying simple things like playing “Imagine” on keyboards, educating people in the pits of hell on tolerance, and quoting Gandi.

Satan gets cast out of hell for being “a pussy”. But no worries, he’s changed and on earth, he takes up a job at a gluten-free cafe. On Christmas eve, he learns of Hope’s mistake when he sees Hope asking Santa at a mall why he never replied to her letter. Upon realising the letter was never meant for him, he cremated Santa. What happens to Christmas? Does it survive in this weird Christmas tale? You’ll have to watch to find out.




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