Dinosaur-themed cakes (your kid’s obsessed, we get it)

Hands up if you find yourself having to plan a dinosaur-themed party cos your kid’s completely obsessed. It’s baffling how or why they’re obsessed in the first place. The kid who can’t seem to understand simple instructions is the same one who corrects you when you confuse a brachiosaurus for a brontosaurus (which prior to having a kid were both known as Little Foot to you).

Even scientists don’t even really know what causes these obsessions. They do know that it’s perfectly normal. It starts around 18 months of age, and affects more boys than girls.

The good news is that if your kid’s obsessed, a dinosaur-themed party is obvious (no need to wreck your brain thinking of a theme for the birthday party!). Here are some dinosaur-themed cakes so you can have one less thing to worry about.

Baker V

Baker V specialises in customised cakes and dessert tables. All desserts are made fresh upon order, using only fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

T: 8233 1015
#01-172, 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1, S(150125)

Click here to browse through Baker V’s delightful cakes to choose from and order yours today!

The Jelly Hearts

Each alphabet is made from fresh strawberries!

A base of digestive biscuits followed with full cream cheese, jelly and strawberries, this T-Rex cake from The Jelly Hearts can also be customised with the birthday wishes.

If you have a specific drawing in mind, you can email your design and they will hand-draw it onto the cake!

T: 6635 1868
#B1-08, 1 Raffles Place S(048616)

T: 6583 8782
#02-111, 1 Pasir Rise Close, S(519599)

Naomi Kitchen


Learn More

Naomi Kitchen has a staggering selection of cakes to suit any kid’s birthday party theme. We’re glad to say they are available at Party Fairy, with a wide selection of designs to choose from.


The White Ombre

We love this idea of using your child’s favourite dinosaur toys and working with The White Ombre to create a lush landscape for them to be displayed.

Alternatively, you can work with them to create a customised 3D dinosaur-themed cake.

Fancy anything like this? Head over to our site here, or get in touch with us!

Sarah’s Loft

Christmas + Dinosaur-themed cake = all the feel-good vibes. Image source: @sarahsloft

If you want something less kiddy, Sarah’s Loft specalises in rustic bakes. She also puts together the most beautiful dessert tables.

Image source: @sarahsloft

T: 9171 5543



More cake inspo here! 


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