Decorate A Party Based on Different Colour Themes

Blue purple party from Pinterest.

It might sound awfully simple just to throw a colour-themed party, but there’s a lot more going on to that.

Just because you are throwing a red-coloured party doesn’t mean that everything from the cake to the decor is red. Not only is that overwhelming, the monotony is boring.

How do you beautifully decorate a party based on different colour themes? Instead of planning based on a single colour, Party Fairy recommends warm colours, cool colours and neutral colours instead.

That way, the various colours not only brighten the party, they will always complement each other!

Warm-coloured Party

Warm colours include red, orange, yellow and magenta. Just the sight of them evokes happiness and excitement.

However, limit yourself to only two warm colours like this orange and pink Pinterest party set up. Otherwise, it may get overwheming.

Orange pink party decoration from Pinterest.
Credits: Pinterest

If it does get overwhelming, use a lighter shade of the warm colour to tone it down. Otherwise, you can use white too!

Cool-coloured Party

Cool colours like green, blue and purple makes a party feel out of this world. You’d think you’re being under the sea or floating around an alternate universe.

Blue purple party from Pinterest.
Credits: Pinterest

Moreover, it is the fave colour scheme for fantasy-related party themes, the most popular being pastel blue and purple unicorns.

Not to forget, when it comes to that colour combination, mermaids are one of the frequently searched themes too!

Neutral-coloured Party

The first thing people think of the classic black and white combination are zebras.

But a neutral-coloured party can be classy and elegant.

Black white party from Pinterest
Credits: Pinterest

If you feel that a neutral-coloured party is too understated and plain, then pick one neutral colour, like black, and pair it with gold or silver for a pop, like this balloon setting!


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