Why are fondant custom cakes so expensive?

If you’ve ever asked for a quotation on fondant custom cakes, you’ve probably wondered why it’s so much more expensive than buttercream ones. It isn’t a con job. There are real reasons why fondant cakes tend to cost more.

For one, fondant is a lot less forgiving than buttercream icing. While it’s easier to fix texture or errors when working with buttercream, fondant often has to be redone if flaws like cracks or bulges occur.

This however, is not to say that buttercream cakes are not technically demanding. Making completely smooth surfaces with buttercream takes years of experience to perfect.

But even then when no mistakes are made during the creation of your cake, fondant is an expensive material, especially if the baker makes theirs from scratch. And it’s a time consuming process to make because the fondant has to rest for at least six hours before it can be used. And most of the time, each component such as fondant figurines on top of cakes or cupcakes need to be handcrafted.

Buttercream or fondant? It really depends on the vibe you’re going for!


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Fondant cakes give a sharper, cleaner finish.


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Buttercream or Fondant?


So which do you go for? It really depends on the vibe you’re going for. In general, fondant gives you a cleaner and more structure look.

Buttercream, on the other hand can achieve the same smooth finish similar to fondant but it’s better used to create textures like rosettes, petals and basket weaving.


Indoors or outdoors?

Another consideration to take is whether your custom cake is going to have to stand outdoors or in room temperature for long. Because fondant contains gelatin, it is more stable than buttercream so it is less vulnerable to heat and humidity.

For tips on how to get your cake to last longer outdoors, click here.


Get expert help!

If you’re looking for a custom cake, it’s best to deal with experts. Not to toot our own horns, but we work with over 30 bespoke bakers in Singapore. The bakers cover a range of specialties such as buttercream, Korean buttercream, fondant and sugar work, so regardless of the vibe you’re after, we’re able to reach out to our network to get well-informed and expert tips.


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Fondant circus animal cupcakes from Rachh Cakery

Fondant is also commonly used to shape figurines that are used to decorate cupcakes or cakes.

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