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Pastel rainbow cake from Inthebrickyard

What’s An All Natural Cake?

With health consciousness on the rise, even our sweet indulgences are under scrutiny for its ingredients and health impact. You may have already heard of gluten-free cakes, and today, Party…

Vegan strawberry vanilla cake

5 Questions About Vegan Cakes Answered

1. What’s a vegan cake anyway? And is it the same as a vegetarian cake? To answer that, let’s first consider how a vegan diet is different from a vegetarian…

Chocolate star shaped cake

Best Halal Bakes in Singapore

When planning a big bash, you want to be as inclusive as possible. That means making sure the food you cater is suitable for a wide variety of dietary requirements.…


Top 10 Cakes Under $40

So your party is in a few days but you still don’t have a cake. Don’t fret – we got you covered. At Party Fairy, you’re spoiled for choice with…


Are fresh flowers on cakes safe?

Fresh blooms on cakes are a cake trend that looks like it’s here to stay. Largely influenced by the growing number of people who prefer casual-chic weddings to elaborate, OTT…


Why are fondant custom cakes so expensive?

If you’ve ever asked for a quotation on fondant custom cakes, you’ve probably wondered why it’s so much more expensive than buttercream ones. It isn’t a con job. There are…


Halal-certified bakeries in Singapore

It can be hard navigating the food scene for safe options if you’re Muslim. You ask if an establishment is halal, and sometimes, you’re told the establishment is Muslim-owned, or…