7 cakes that are perfect for your grandparents

Red longevity cake

They watched you grow up and celebrated many milestones with you. Now that you’re grown, you want to return the favour. For older folks, their palates may have changed, so it’s important to pick out a cake that is suitable for their preferences and dietary needs. At Party Fairy, we have an extensive selection of cakes so you can pick the perfect one for Grandpa or Grandma.

The best part is, all our cakes are all delivered straight to your doorstep – no fuss, no muss!

Here are seven cakes to get you inspired.

1. Longevity Cake, $190

Designed specifically for senior folks, this confection comes in a bright and auspicious red, and is topped with an adorable peach blossom (peach is the symbol of a long life). Available in five mouthwatering flavours – vanilla, earl grey, chocolate, red velvet, and salted caramel – this longevity cake showstopper is perfect for a big birthday bash.

2. Shou Tao Cherry Blossom, $94

This beautiful longevity cake creation is tastefully designed with peach flowers and the word “shou” (life in Chinese). With a wide range of cake flavours – from Mango Passionfruit to Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch – you’ll sure find one that best suits your grandma or pa.

3. Blue Mini Cooper Cake, $800

Maybe you can’t afford to buy Grandpa or Grandma a car (yet) but you sure can make their day with this show-stopping 3D Mini Cooper cake. Modeled after the iconic Mini Cooper, this confection is as delicious as it is photogenic.

4. Premium You Tiao Cake, $150

Featuring the popular local snack of dough fritters (you tiao) as decoration, this whimsical you tiao cake creation is available in a variety of fillings – from traditional durian to the more contemporary strawberry shortcake.

5. 50th birthday cake, $250

Fifty and fabulous indeed! Usher in their fifth decade in style with this opulent two-tiered cake. This customisable cake is available in a wide variety of fillings – from ondeh ondeh (green-hued rice cake balls filled with liquid palm sugar and coated with grated coconut) and gula melaka (palm sugar) to good ol’ vanilla and classic chocolate.

6. Premium Beautiful Shou Cake, $210

You can’t get any more auspicious than this. Not only is this two-tiered cake littered with peach fondant, it also has a huge topper with the words “shou” (life in Chinese) emblazoned in gold. Your grandparents will love it.

7. Black and Gold Milestones Birthdays Dessert Bundle, assorted prices

Cake with the topper 50

Can’t decide on just one cake? Not to worry, you can have your cake and eat it too with this all-inclusive dessert bundle that comes with everything you’ll need for that milestone birthday – choose from personalised cupcakes to unique 3D cakes in assorted designs.

Discover more goodies at Party Fairy for all your special occasions!


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