Tips to making sure your custom cake lasts outdoors

1. Go with fondant cakes

Fondant cakes contain gelatin so they’re the most stable in heat and humidity. But even then, under the hot sun, darker colours can run so if you want to play it safe, go with white, or pale neutral colours. However, if you’re set on a buttercream cake, speak to your baker. There are ways that he can make the frosting sturdier by replacing butter with shortening that has more staying power.

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Casino-themed fondant cake

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2. Keep the decorations on buttercream cakes light

Extra weight on top of your cake can cause it to sag or lean. Avoid heavy decorations like gum paste flowers or fondant figurines.

3. Go naked!

Naked cakes are perfect for outdoor parties. There’s little to no icing on the outside so you don’t need to worry about it melting. However, bear in mind that most naked cakes still use frosting between the layers so if you want to play safe, ask your baker to use jam instead. 

 4. Treat your baker like your BFF

That means, you have to give him all the deets. A good baker won’t ever make you feel like you’re burdensome if you tell him everything you’re considering for your party. In fact, it gives him important information for him to advise you on what’s the best. 

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Semi-naked cakes totally fit with the rustic-chic cake trend.

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Fresh fruits and flowers make for pretty and light cake decorations. Just be sure to use big flowers so they don’t wilt so quickly in the heat.

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