5 Interesting Trivia About A Magician in Singapore

Magicians always mesmerize the audience with their tricks and illusions. We spoke to Kien of Mr Bottles, who is a local magician in Singapore with more than 17 years of performing magic for children. He shares with us trivia about the job and his experience as a magician.

Q: Did anyone discover the trick to your magic while you were performing?

Mr Bottles: Oh yes, for sure. No one is perfect. Usually I think on the spot to find a way to recover from a mistake. I also review to see how I can do better for the future.

Q: Any reason you wear black and white?

Mr Bottles: White and black colours are iconic of magic. I want my spectators to immediately know I am a magician when they see me. However, I do a whimsical twist in it to suit my character since I perform for children.

Q: What does it take to be a magician?

Mr Bottles: Maybe I’ll rephrase it: what does it take to be a good magician? It is tricky to answer in a paragraph because magic is art. It encompasses so many genres, e.g. theatre, science, psychology, etc. To be a good magician, one must study so many things. The secret of magic is just a small part of magic.

Q: Do you get stage fright?

Mr Bottles: Not anymore. When I did my first show, yes, I did.

Q: Where and when was your first performance?

Mr Bottles: I was interested in magic since I was a kid. So, my first magic show is for friends and family around me. Later, I did quite a lot of charity shows. I got my first paid show for an RC event after they saw me perform for a charity.

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