5 Questions About Vegan Cakes Answered

Vegan strawberry vanilla cake

1. What’s a vegan cake anyway?

And is it the same as a vegetarian cake?

To answer that, let’s first consider how a vegan diet is different from a vegetarian one. Vegans completely avoid animal products while vegetarians cut out meat. They may still consume dairy and eggs if they choose to.

So, a vegetarian cake may contain dairy, honey and even eggs. Meanwhile, a vegan cake has no milk, no eggs, no cheese and even no honey. An example of a vegetarian cake is this from Oh My Goodness. It contains almonds, honey, olive oil, eggs, cocoa, vanilla, gluten-free baking powder, gluten-free baking soda, pink Himalayan salt and raspberries.

Since it contains eggs and honey, it is not a vegan cake but a vegetarian cake.

Having addressed that, Party Fairy will discuss the burning curiosities about vegan cakes.

2. Do vegan cakes taste weird?

In a casual vegan cupcake taste test done by Westchester Magazine, the cupcakes “did well despite having the disadvantage of not including traditional cupcake ingredients like milk, eggs, and butter.”

So vegan desserts, including cakes, don’t taste weird at all! But of course, if you are a non-vegan eating a vegan cake, you are sure to feel something off-ish about it because you are used to cakes containing eggs, dairy and butter.

However, for your vegan friends, vegan cakes would be perfect. They even come in many tantalising flavours. 25 Gram Bakery can serve decadent chocolate, tropical mango and even Turkish Delight (pistachio rose).

3. Are vegan cakes healthy cakes?

While vegan diets can be healthy if you consume lots of greens, vegan cakes are not necessarily healthier.

If you think about it, vegan cakes contain high amounts of sugar, just like non-vegan cakes.

So, unfortunately, a healthy cake simply doesn’t exist regardless of whether it is vegan or not.

What you can do is to request the vegan cake baker to use less sugar than they usually do, and don’t go eating an entire cake by yourself if you want to keep that waistline in control.

4. What are the ingredient substitutions for vegan cakes?

25 Grams Bakery, a bakery providing vegan cakes, offered us some insights into the ingredient substitutions for vegan cakes.

  • Buttercream is replaced with dairy-free buttercream.
  • Butter is also replaced margarine or vegan butter. At 25 Grams Bakery, they use vegan butter instead.

Moreover, milk may be replaced by soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, almond milk… there’s a lot of possible substitutes here! Among the milk substitutes, soy milk is the classic choice.

Ultimately, which milk is used certainly depends on what flavour the baker wants to achieve for the vegan cake. For example, a coconut vegan cake would most likely use coconut milk.

5. Are vegan cakes cheaper?

You might think vegan cakes ought to be cheaper because the exclusion of dairy means they are made with fewer ingredients than traditional bakes.

However, this may not be the case. It all really boils down to the ingredients and the complexity of the design.

For example, if you only want organic ingredients in your vegan cake, then expect a higher price tag.

Furthermore, if you are doing a fancy, custom vegan cake with a fancy design that requires fine work, that would certainly push up the prices too.

Depending on your requirements, vegan cakes may not be significantly cheaper than a non-vegan cake.

Among the huge cake selection at Party Fairy, there are vegan cakes, gluten-free cakes, vegetarian cakes, all natural cakes and eggless cakes too. We believe that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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